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If you are seeking an ETA update for an item/order. The date showing on the item will be the latest date that we have been given. Dates will always be by Quarter (Q1, Q2 etc) We are not given anything more exact sadly. As things arrive at the distributors we will always contact buyers to let them know that something is close.

Please do not use the contact form to promote your services/businesses. We will treat it as spam and ignore it.


You Can Find Us in Conwy N. Wales

If you plan to visit, use the 1st Car Park on the right as you enter the business park at the top of the hill.


Our entrance can be accessed directly from this car park.

 We are open to the public for Order collections only.  


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Common questions about Statuesque Ltd
    When did Statuesque Start? Statuesque Ltd started in March 2015. Do you have a physical store? We have sold online since 2015 at now Where are you located? You can find us at the Riverside Business Park in Conwy. 11 Ashdown House, just behind the castle. As you go through the main gates and up the initial hill, use the car park on your right at the brow, you will see our door and logo. Our office is not so much a store with glass cabinets and displays but more an open storeroom. Order collections are welcome, if you wish to collect outside of our regular office hours just nudge to organise a day/time. Why do you have an 0151-telephone number? Our Telephone number is 0151 because we use the Skype telephone system. Skype do not have 01492 numbers at this time. What are your opening hours? Collection of online orders ( Click & Collect ) Mon - Fri 0900 - 1500 Telephone contact Mon - Fri 0900 - 1500 E-mail contact is almost 24 / 7 (We need to sleep sometimes ) Where do you ship? We ship within the UK only. What Payment methods do you accept? We accept all debit/credit cards, cheques, Bank Transfers and cash if you visit us in person. We do not accept PayPal anymore at this time. What payment options do you offer? We can take full payment at checkout or we can offer a monthly payment via the flex-it option. We do not offer a deposit only option.
  • When do you have sales?
    We don't do sales as such and instead discounts are offered on items regularly.
  • I am having trouble getting pieces to fit in to position (Statue/Figure)
    It is quite common that plastic /PVC/Vinyl pieces can be tough to get to fit together, they can be super tight. An easy solution is to use a hairdryer to heat the part gently. Use a hot setting and gently at a distance warm the part up. This will make it more pliable to situate into place. Kotobukiya sockets and Hot Toys stands are commonly tight. Often you may have some issues with Statues not fitting together easily and gaps between the joins. The general cause of this is an excess of resin or paint either on the peg or lug or within the hole they are trying to fit in to. Inserting and removing the difficult piece gently a number of times can often clear the problem without any further effort. As you insert/remove you will also get a sense of where the problem is to help resolve it. Double check your peg/lug is completely free of excess materials (A very fine sandpaper or file will achieve this) and try again. Also check the hole and use the file/sandpaper to clear it as necessary.
  • Arrival Dates, When will my item arrive?
    Before contacting us about an arrival date, please view the product on the store to see the date listed. Dates used on the store are provided by the distributor / manufacturer directly and we have no control over them. These are the only dates that we have. Please use dates as a guide only and not a definite arrival date, we are not responsible for delays and date changes. Dates are displayed by Quarter. Q1: Jan - Mar Q2: Apr - Jun Q3: Jul - Sep Q4: Oct - Dec We do understand the frustration caused when a date changes. As we see a change in estimated arrivals, we will update it on the item directly so that the item is always displaying the absolute latest date that we have. As the retailer, we are in no way involved in the distribution of items. This is all handled by the manufacturer who will distribute their items to the various distributors within each region. The distributors then ship the items to the retailers (us!). It's only when an item arrives with us that we have any control of it. Most distributors do not provide updates on date changes and so we do manually need to check each and every item and search for dates, it's quite a long , drawn out process. If the item your are looking at has a date in the past for example it shows Q4 2022 and we are in Q1 2023, please do nudge us to alert the date is old and we will check the item and update the date as quickly as possible. We will contact buyers directly when we are notified that an item has physically arrived with the distributor.
  • I saw someone on YouTube/Social Media with the item I ordered, why have I not got mine yet?
    It's quite common for manufacturers to send 'influencers' such as youtubers or other social media people , advanced versions of the item so that the item can be promoted and reviewed to build up more hype. You are likely also seeing customers in the USA or the manufacturers home region for example posting social media. The USA tends to be the first region that receives distribution of an item as it's such a large region and a lot of the manufacturers are based there. Distribution to other regions does take time as items are transported via cargo ships in containers. The ships will stop at many ports on the route and eventually arrive in Europe. Most (Not All) of the distribution is imported through Germany and so then needs to be moved across to the UK through customs. To give an example, when Sideshow start to ship an item, it can take anywhere between 1 - 3 months for it to arrive in Europe.
  • Can you get an item for me, it's not on the store?
    If you are looking for a particular item and we do not have it on the store, we'll be glad to see if any of the suppliers/distributors that we use have it available. If we can get it, we'll offer a price and if you wish to make the purchase, we'll add it to the store for you and notify you when we have added it. Some manufacturers are not officially able to sell their statues and figures within certain regions which is why commonly they are not widely available on many of the European stores. We do not do grey importing and so would be unable to offer some manufacturers.
  • I pre-ordered an item and now it says sold out on the store!
    All of the items we sell are produced in limited numbers. at some point there will be no more available to sell. If you have pre-ordered an item, your order is safe. We just have no more available to sell and so the item is marked as sold out so that new possible purchasers know that it's no longer available.
  • When I search for an item it says 'Sold Out' but when I click it, it allows me to order it
    Items with regards the store will be in stock or out of stock as it's trying to manage physical stock. Pre-Orders are technically out of stock as we do not have physical stock on the shelf. Pre-Orders are not classed as an in stock item to the store. If you can add the item to the cart, it's good to order :)
  • An Item I was Looking at has gone up in price, Can you offer the old price?
    Items generally go on to the store within an official pre-order window. The end date for the official pre-order window will be shown in the 'pre-order details section on the product page. This is the cheapest the item will be. During the Official pre-order period, distributors will offer small discounts to retailers to entice them to place orders early. Once this official pre-order phase ends, we lose access to the extra discounts meaning the price will go up as we'll be paying more for it. The distributors will raise prices constantly/randomly to cover extra costs (We presume) that they are encountering. This will mean that prices will sometimes keep going up, Once we physically receive an item, we will review all of the associated costs we had that were not initially costed for (In these weird times, costs seem to go up endlessly and randomly) and update the price accordingly to the final price. It's not necessarily the case that everything will go up in price though when it arrives to stock. With prices purely based on cost, we are unable to revert prices to older displayed prices we are sorry. It's often best to pre-order an item if the price feels right for you rather than waiting for the possibility of a price drop.
  • How long does it take to process a refund?
    Once a refund is offered, we will process it within 14 days. When we process the refund, it can take up to 72 hours for it to show up at your bank or on your credit card. Refunds can only be returned back to the original payment method. We have no control over the refund once it has been processed.
  • How do I use Flex-It?
    We have a full guide which can be found here. Flex-It | Statuesque Ltd
  • Refund Common Questions
    Will I be notified when a refund is made? Yes, you will receive an e-mail notification that the refund has been processed. My original payment method is now expired, and I have a new card This is no problem at all. Debit / Credit cards are always linked to bank accounts and so the funds will be returned correctly to your bank or new credit card. In the unlikely event the card processors cannot complete the refund the funds will be returned back to the processor (Stripe) and they will in turn contact us about the failed refund. (This can take 30 days to happen). My refund has not arrived at my bank! Refunds will generally show up at your bank or on your card within about 72 hours. If the refund is for an old payment, it can take a little longer for the process to complete. We have no control over the refund once we process it. Refunds can only be returned to the original payment method. If you have multiple cards, try checking your other card(s) balance. Can you add the refund to an existing order I have? We are more than happy to do the refund as store credit that you can use against any order. My Refund does not match the original payment I have made for an item, why is this? If you cancelled your order after 7 days (Cool down period), you will lose the non-refundable deposit as listed in the terms. My order was cancelled by you, when do I get the refund? In the highly unlikely event that an order cannot be completed by us, we will notify you directly as soon as we are alerted to the problem to see if you would like the refund sent back to your bank or as store credit and then process a full refund immediately. EU Refunds If an EU order is cancelled or returned for any reason, we will not be able to provide a refund for the local taxes or handling charges you might have paid as these charges were not originally charged by us. You will be able to claim them back though within your own country. Contact your local tax office so that they can advise you on the process.
  • Reward Points
    Reward points are earned with every purchase and can be viewed within your 'My Rewards' section of your account. Points are also gained via credit refunds. The points are used to create vouchers of various values. There is no time expiry on your points or vouchers created. Only one voucher can be used per order. The largest voucher that can be created currently has a value of £500. f you have a large amount of points (above £500) and you have seen something you wish to purchase and use all of your points, please let us know before creating any vouchers and we will create the order for you and apply your points directly. Points cannot be transferred in to cash for any reason once earned or requested. Points cannot be returned once converted or spent.
  • Late Payments / Unpaid Flex / Invoices
    You have placed an order but have not paid the first flex-it payment via the invoice sent to set up your monthly flex-it within 30 days. You have received a final balance invoice for an order but have not made the payment within the 30 days You have started a flex-it plan and made monthly payments but a recent payment could not be collected. We won't cancel orders because of a missed payment. If for any reason a payment was not made or could not be collected, the store will provide a 7 day grace period for you to make the payment and ensure the flex-it continues as normal. If the payment is not made/collected we will wait for contact and resend invoices where required or set-up a new flex-it invoice. We allow 60 days to receive contact to sort out missed/failed payments. During that time, the item will remain reserved in your name. Your order is safe. At 60 days the item will be made available for others to buy, essentially meaning it's no longer reserved in your name. If no contact is received to correct the payments and the item sells, we will treat the order as unwanted and proceed as a cancelled order.
  • Can I use my reward points and Flex-It?
    Only one code can be used per order. It is not possible to use a discount code AND a flex-it code on the same order, sorry.
  • What happens if my item arrives and I have not yet finished paying for it on Flex?
    If your item arrives and there is an active Flex-it payment running on the order, do not be concerned. We will automatically send a final balance invoice to you, in case you want the item to ship straight away. If you are happy to continue paying monthly and are in no rush for the item to ship, you can ignore the final balance invoice and simply continue paying monthly. When the balance is paid, we will ship the item to you.
  • What is a non-refundable deposit ?
    The cooldown period is 7 days from placing an order. Day 1 is the day you place your order. To secure the item and your order, an initial 10% down-payment is made. For any items below £800 in value, this will be considered your NRD (Non-Refundable Deposit) , Items with a value above £800, the NRD is 20%. If you make a cancellation request after the cooldown period for any reason, you will lose the Non-Refundable Deposit. Commonly referred to as a restock fee. Please view the cancellation section for details on cancellations.
  • Can I return my purchase?
    (See the cancellation section for details on cancelling an order) Please notify us before returning an item. If you change your mind about a purchase once it has shipped and reject delivery so that it is returned to us, the standard shipping cost will be deducted from the refund (Standard Shipping is £10.90 + VAT) We will not accept item returns where the factory seals have been broken and/or does not contain all of the original packaging. Items must return to us in a sellable condition. You will be liable for the return cost. We would recommend that you ensure the shipping used is trackable and includes insurance. We are not liable for any damage caused during the return process or for items that do not arrive with us. We can use our couriers (DPD) to collect the item for you, but they charge an extra £10.90 for the collection as it's away from the contract collection point (Our Office) making a standard return cost of £21.80 that will be deducted from any refunds due. Once we receive the item and have inspected it, we will process the refund minus the non-refundable deposit and the original shipping costs (Standard shipping is £10.90+VAT, oversized item shipping is £45.90+VAT , Items are classed oversized if one edge is 100cm or more). Refunds will process within 14 days of receiving the item.
  • Can I cancel my order?
    The distance selling law allows an order to be cancelled within the first 7 calendar days of placing the order (cooling off period). A full refund of all funds paid to the order will be returned within 14 days of cancelling within this cooldown period. You can also cancel an order and send the item back to us (See returns section in T&C) within 14 days of receiving it for any reason. You will be responsible for the return shipping and the non-refundable deposit (Restock Charge) and original shipping costs paid to ship the item to you will be lost. All other funds paid to the order will be refunded within 14 days of us receiving the item back and checking it. If the item is returned damaged due to the return shipping, we will not be able to offer the full refund. Between day 8 and you receiving the item it is not possible to cancel your order. We understand that collectors spend a great deal of time planning their collections and of course, thoughts and ideas change over time. Because of this, those customers that had a change of plan and wish to order something different, we will offer the ability to cancel an item order between day 8 and shipping the item to you by way of store credit only. The non-refundable deposit will be lost. If you know that you will be returning an item once you receive it, let us know in advance. Once we receive the item and are at the stage of shipping it to you, we will instead cancel the order for you automatically and proceed with any refunds due meaning that you can avoid the whole process of having to ship it back and you will also not lose the original shipping costs from your refund. Cancellation for any reason after day 7 will mean the loss of the non-refundable deposit (See non-refundable deposit section in T&C)
  • I've received a defective item
    Please report all damages / faults to us within 72 hours. In your contact, please include clear images of the problem and if your item is numbered, please include an image of the bottom of the base showing the edition number. Without the images, the distributors/manufacturers cannot assist. Replacements for complete items or parts are handled by the distributor/manufacturer directly. Due to the limited nature of these items, stock items will not be used unless the manufacturer/distributor has no spares to allow for a swap option. It can sometimes take time to organise the correction. Please be assured that the problem will be resolved and that we will keep you updated as we receive information. 'defective' means the item doesn't work properly i.e., lights-up function doesn't work or has physically broken parts/pieces. Any painting problems are not covered as items are hand painted and so there will be differences between each and every piece. We are not responsible for manufacturer quality control; we are only the retailer. Should the correction require that your statue/figure be returned so that a swap can be sent, a label will be provided for you, you will not pay for the return. (Missed collections that require another collection to be booked will need to be charged at the standard rate £10.90 +VAT) If you are not going to be in for a collection, please use the courier contact to tell them and organise a different date to avoid a missed collection charge. Once the returned item is received at the distributors, the correction will be shipped. If the correction requires a complete swap, your edition number printed on the base will likely also change. What is not considered damage? Brown shipper box or packaging boxes are not liable as a damage claim as the purpose of the packaging is wholly to protect the item inside. They travel the world so do see some action at times. If a brown box has damage, we will patch it up to prevent further damage. Swaps cannot be provided as most brown boxes are numbered to match the contents. Minor creasing on picture box & corners, slight wear & tear or corner dents cannot be corrected. We will never ship a badly damaged picture box but no box is ever 'perfect'.
  • What is a pre-order?
    We consider any item that is not physically in stock for any reason a 'Pre-Order', to keeps things simple. We maintain the latest estimated arrival date for each item on the product page directly, dates can change and so please treat dates as a guide only. (We have no control over dates) Why would you want to pre-order? Almost all items are manufactured to a limited number. You may find that the item has sold out by the time it releases meaning you will need to go on the hunt for it through the likes of ebay or collector groups. This could mean you end up paying significantly more for the item. Tied in to the above point, each item will have an official manufacturer pre-order window. It tends to be up to 1 month from announcement where the price will be its lowest. Once the official window closes, distributors and suppliers do stop offering retailers any bonus discounts for pre-ordering and start raising their prices slowly meaning the retail price will slowly rise over time. We offer monthly payment options with our Flex-It plans based on the release date of an item. The further away the release date, the more months you can pay for it making the payments very manageable. Why would you not want to pre-order? You are committing to purchasing an item not yet released. You may not like the item when it is released, you may decide after a few months to change your collecting focus. Cancelling an order is completely possible (see T&C) but your non-refundable deposit will be lost if the order is cancelled for any reason after 7 days.
  • What will happen if I do not pay a monthly invoice for my order?
    Once you make your first payment on the flex-it system, the remaining payments will be taken each month on the same day automatically. Please note that the initial down-payment of 10% when you placed the order is NOT the first flex-it payment. The invoice received within a couple of days of placing the order is the flex-it invoice to set up the automated monthly payments. If a payment is not received , the system will allow a 7 day grace period for you to make the payment, if no payment is made it will automatically cancel the collection of all future payments for the order. You will be notified via e-mail that the monthly payment is cancelled. It will be necessary to issue a new recurring invoice but we will await contact before doing this in case real life is causing you some troubles. We will not cancel an order so you will not lose the item. If we are not contacted to organise a new recurring invoice and the order falls 2+ months behind, the item will be made available to others. If the item sells before you catch up then the order may need to be cancelled. The cancellation would be treated with the same process as the cancellation policy listed in the terms and conditions. Please contact us if you have any problems so that we can help.
  • Shipping / Postage Details.
    We only ship to the UK There's no extra charges for shipping. (Small items / collectibles will have a postage charge added during the order process) We use DPD next day service. Small items / collectibles will use Royal Mail tracked. We need to book shipments a day in advance. This allows the couriers the ability to plan the space in the van etc, Because of this, we are unable to do a same day despatch. We use a cut off of 8pm to receive orders for next day collection. Example. Order before 8pm Monday - Item will ship on Tuesday Order after 8pm Monday - Item will Ship Wednesday
  • I have moved house, can I change my address.
    Yes indeed. If you have placed an order and since moved house, please message us with your new shipping address so that we can update the order directly. If you simply add a new address to your account, that will only affect future orders you place. The orders you placed prior to moving will retain the address you provided when placing the order. We will always message you directly when an item arrives at the distributors, this would be a good time to let us know about a change of address else your parcel will go to your old address. If we are not advised of an address change and your parcel goes to the old address, we will not accept any responsibility.
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