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Big Chief Studio Closes its doors :(

It is with regret we have to inform you that last night, Big Chief studio announced that they were no longer trading.

Some of you of course have pre-orders for their figures with us. We are unsure if any of these orders will be completed as we await details from the distributors about what they may still be receiving from Big Chief .

For those of you who do have orders placed for Big Chief items, please do not be concerned. We will organise refunds on the money you have paid or if you have your eyes on something else, we can do the credit to your account for you. (let us know if credit is an alternative for you)

Please allow us a couple of weeks or so to sort out the carnage and get updates from distributors. We don't want to cancel your order if we may still be receiving your item. With it only getting announced yesterday, not much detail is floating around.

No need to nudge us about your orders unless you want the credit to buy something else. We will automatically cancel and refund your order as we get confirmations from the distributors over the next 2 weeks or so.

Big Chief did post an official message

It is with heavy heart that I must inform our customers that despite our best efforts Big Chief Studios, the Company, has been forced to cease trading.
Having gotten through the global pandemic, the subsequent numerous knock-on effects have combined, creating a perfect storm that has extended delays to both the manufacture and release of our products. The current cost of living crisis and economic downturn have resulted in plummeting sales, which has seriously impacted our ability to continue and for us to be able to negotiate the renewal of our key licenses with any certainty.
I have carefully considered the financial position of the Company and following receipt of specialist advice from Begbies Traynor, I have concluded that the Company is unable to pay its debts and can no longer continue to trade. The necessary steps need be taken to place the Company into creditors’ voluntary liquidation. You will shortly be receiving a formal notification from them detailing the liquidation process and steps that you may be able to take to secure a refund of any deposits you may have paid.
Having worked tirelessly for over a decade to deliver high-end collectables, it is deeply wounding for myself and the team. I am sincerely sorry to all our loyal customers and apologise wholeheartedly for the situation.
For further information kindly send any queries to
Yours sincerely
Mark Andrews Managing Director, Big Chief Studios Ltd.
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