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Big Chief Studio Customer Orders Update

It's been 2 - 3 weeks now since the announcement that BCS has ceased trading.

As we posted previously, we were allowing some time for the distributors to update us with regards anything that might be on its way still.

The distributors seem confident now that nothing further from the as yet unreleased list for BCS will now be arriving. We have heard from a couple of sources that 'things' have been shipping from BCS but as there is nobody to pay import/customs taxes, the shipments have been returned to BCS but this is possibly just anecdotal.

We therefore plan to proceed with refunds for everyone who has a BCS order with us. With this being an unexpected outlay, we do plan to stagger the refunds a little across the next 14 days or so to make it less of a sting. As we process the refunds, you will see a receipt pop up in your e-mail inbox. Nobody will be missed.

If you have seen something else in stock or available for pre-order that you like the look of and would be happy to have the credit applied to a new order, just nudge us with your preferred item and we'll create the order for you and apply the credit refund to that order balance. If there's a balance to refund still, we'll do that also. If the swap means you have a balance on the order, we'll do that balance as a flex-it monthly payment automatically to fit in with your new item release date.

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