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Christmas Dates

December 19th is the last shipping day for a Christmas arrival. Probably best to not leave it that late but this is the date the couriers and Royal Mail list as the cut off.

Our physical office will be closed from December 20th so if you plan on buying something and collecting it personally from our office, 19th will be the last chance.

As always, we will remain contactable throughout the holidays via the store contact system / e-mail should it be needed. Orders can of course still be placed online throughout the festive season.

We will resume Shipping 2nd January.

Many of the distributors will be closed until the 8th January so incoming items not received by us prior to 20th December will start arriving again from around the 8th onwards. Other countries / regions have different holiday dates & schedules so this will also affect distribution in the new year as although Europe may be open, those regions might not be.

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