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'er Indoors is getting older! So We'll be AWOL tomorrow

Just a quick note.

Mrs Statuesque is one year older tomorrow. Apparently that makes her 21 ..... again! As much as I would love to avoid the jovialities and hide in the office (This has been a successful plan for many years so far) , this year under pain of death I do have to partake.

For those remotely interested, that will mean we'll be staring at fields and sheep and wishing there was a pub close by while 'Er Indoors goes horse riding. Apparently we'll be following that delight up with an overpriced meal somewhere. (Burger King or Kebab was shockingly shunned)

This means that Friday 7th June. we will will be absent (presumed having a good time!). If you message us during the day, we'll catch up with responses later in the day or Saturday morning. There will be nobody answering the phone. As Friday tends to be the day of new release pre-order announcements, you can expect to see them pop up to order once we've calmed the dog down and washed 3 tons or cow manure off him after he's spent 3 hours rolling around in it.

On a side note, I find myself wondering how many of the young'ens will be working out what AWOL means. You see, we old folk were way ahead of you youth with the text speak, just that we didn't have phones back then making us super ahead of our time .... just saying.

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