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The Alien vs. Predator Masterline Series Statue 1/3 Chopper Predator 103 cm

"I think this is a manhood ritual. The humanoid ones, they've been sent here to prove that they're worthy to become adults - Sebastian de Rosa

It has been almost twenty years since Alien vs. Predator, also known as AVP, was released and blessed fans of both Aliens and Predators franchises, pitting the creatures against each other in an action-packed, sci-fi horror film. Prime 1 Studio is excited to the next entry to the Predators grand family, joining the Museum Masterline Series, the 1/3 Scale MMPR-06 Choppper Predator from the 2004 film Alien vs. Predator!

In this incredible crossover blockbuster, Chopper, along with his brothers Scar and Celtic, were all sent to Earth to undertake an initiation Hunt in an ancient pyramid buried beneath Antarctica. The pyramid served as a hunting ground, where Predators used Aliens as prey in order to graduate from Young Blood Yautjas to a Blooded Yautja, thus being considered an adult and a full member of its Clan. Let us take a closer look at Chopper, the middle of the three brothers.

As you have seen from the previous announcement of the other two brothers of the trio, Scar and Celtic, Prime 1 Studio takes immense pride in delivering nothing less than excellence. Our artisans continue their momentum for this Predator lineup and bring the final Yautja of the movie to life. At over 40 inches tall, Chopper, also sometimes called the Gill predator due to the distinctive gills on his Bio-Mask, stands tall and fearsome. He takes the name from his arm-mounted scimitars, which are longer than the usual Wristblades of his brothers. Like the rest of the hunting party, he is also fully geared from head to toe, equipped with an arsenal of advanced technology and weaponry. Massively muscular, the predator has both arms ready to slice at enemies foolish enough to come within reach. In addition to the necklace of smaller skulls, two human skulls are mounted on pikes on his back, adding to his overall imposing height. The base features ancient Yautja-constructed ruins as well as a broken spearhead; it is accompanied by two silver and black "AVP" logo plates to display.

This formidable statue is the culmination of dedication from our artists and sculptors, and it is sure to make any Predator fans proud. Don't miss out. Pre-order the MMPR-06 1/3 Scale Chopper Predator now and complete your Alien vs. Predator collection. Bring home the hunting party while quantities last!

This is a preview/unboxing video and does not suggest that the item is in stock and shipping now or that it has started shipping from the manufacturers just yet.

Please use the date listed on the store to view when the current ETA is.

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