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New Store Commonly asked questions.

Updated: May 16, 2023

Ok, so it's been a few days since the this new store went live, there's a few questions commonly asked.

Q. My E-Mail address from the old store is not recognised when I try to log in to the new store.

A. The old store and new store are not linked together. A new account will need to be created on the new store. You can use your e-mail address previously used on the old store without any problems.

Q. I have registered but cannot see my old orders

A. Your old orders will remain on the old store and will always be there to view. Only new orders you make on the new site will show on the this store account. There was technically no way to move old orders because both stores use completely different systems.

Q. I have reward points to be earned on the old store, will I lose them ? (Updated 16.05.23)

A. Nope, We check each Monday all new store registrations for the past week. New registrations that have validated points on the old store will be moved across to this new store. If you have converted points in to vouchers on the old store but have not yet used the vouchers , we will need to be told what the voucher code is to be able to locate them.

Q. I can still see and use the old store ?

A. The old store will become view only over the coming weeks. We're doing this slowly to give everyone time to find the new store. You can still place orders on the old store but we would advise you do so on this new store. New items will not be added to the old store and gradually items on the old store will vanish as they will already be on this new store anyway if available still.

Q. Can I still use 'Partial Payments'

A. Yes you can but on this new store it's called Flex-It and you can view the guide here

Q. Flex-It does not tell me my monthly payment

A. We do not charge for the monthly payment so if your order is £300 and you pay a £30 deposit, the monthly payment will be the balance divided by the plan your item uses. If it's a 10 month plan then the monthly payment will be 300 - 30 / 10 = £27 p/m. Your calculator will get a use :) . The Flex-It monthly invoice will break it all down though when it arrives.

The chart where you took the code from to trigger the Flex-It lists how many months you will pay for, for your item release ETA

Q. How can I use my reward points on an item using Flex-It?

A. The system only allows one code to be used on each order (We have been advised that the developers are looking to add the option of using multiple codes in the future). For now then you can either use flex-it and pay monthly or use your reward points to discount the item and pay the remaining order value in full.

We'll continue to add to this post as more questions surface.

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