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Old Partial Payments Tidy-Up

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

We are currently (Slowly!) going through the original system partial payments. If the order is paid in full, we are removing the partial payment from your PP list. This was always the intended process but it was such a time consuming task that we basically fell behind and only removed the PP's from your list once an item had shipped.

Some of the original PP orders have not had the items shipped yet as items are not yet released, it is purely the PP itself we are removing to tidy up your lists, the order is not affected in any way and will still be viewable in your orders section on the old store.

The handful of users still on that original system will possibly have noticed that the store is not sending you the e-mail invoices. Not sure why it's decided to stop sending the e-mails but as it is so few orders now, our intention is to use the new recurring Flex-It system for the last payment(s) you might have remaining.

If you get a recurring invoice, this is why. There will be a message explaining and a link to this post also.

It's just housekeeping of the old store but we wanted to let you know in case you spotted it and were puzzled.

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