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Old Store Product removals

8 months ago (Almost) we introduced this new store (The one you are viewing now)

As part of the old store winding-down process, we are going to start moving items across to this store. The purpose of this is simplify your browsing, making visits to the old store only required for very limited reasons such as checking an order balance if you are paying monthly. Your orders placed on the old store will still remain on the old store. The old store will continue to be viewable.

You might be asking why some items are not on this store and only viewable on the old store?.

If an item was no longer available when the new store launched, we did not add it as it created redundancy. It means that some of the older orders contain items that need to viewed on the old store to check ETA's for example.

Making sure that every item is on this store will mean that you really only need to visit this store when you want to check on dates etc and you only need the old store if you want to check your old order(s). ( we also only need to maintain dates on this store, not both :D )

Some items due to their age/popularity may no longer be available to order anymore, the purpose of the addition is to allow those that have ordered the item the ability to check its ETA easily and in one location.

If we can still order the item but do not plan to physically stock it, then we will offer the option to click the 'notify when available' button and we'll make it available to order for a few days as we do currently.

We wanted to make this post so that when you see random 'old' items suddenly appear on the store, you do not think that we have gone slightly mad :P

We anticipate that this will be an ongoing process for a little while so if you do not find something you have ordered on this store to check its date , it will still be viewable on the old store still until it moves across.

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