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On Demand Items!

We regularly get asked ... "Can you get hold of .... "

Many of the recent releases do tend to be available at the distributors once we remove them form the store or the pre-order window has ended, so we're always happy to have a look and add it to the store for purchasing. It's not practical or possible for us to buy everything that is announced. Requests have always been a happy medium.

We base our purchasing decisions on how popular an item is. Items that see purchases will likely have extra quantities bought for stock while those that see little or no interest, vanish shortly after pre-orders close.

As daft as this might appear, the old store did not allow us to see which items customers had marked to be notified when an item became available again. This meant that we could not focus on those requests directly!

Good News! We can now.

As we can see which items folk are clicking the 'notify when available' button on, we are making full use of it :D

An On Demand item is anything we may not necessarily plan to physically stock. It's a really easy option to let us know there's interest in the item.

If you see an item that's 'On Demand' or just out of stock in general, click the 'notify when available' button and we'll check the estimated arrival date and price etc and make it available to order where possible. You'll receive notification that it can be ordered again and the rest is down to you.

Once we make an item available to order after confirming that distributors have it available, we'll leave it for ordering for a couple of days to let you think about it and then it will become 'On Demand' again requiring a fresh check for availability should someone else show interest in it.

We are continually scouring all of the distributors and adding items to the store as 'on Demand'. We hope that you'll spot something you have been looking for :)

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