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Something For the weekend 10.02.2023

It's Friday and the weekend starts here!

Fancy relaxing to some music?

Wax Tailor has a new album out today entitled "Fishing for Accidents".... Who? I hear you asking.

Wax Tailor is a French Trip Hop, DJ artist. Using a slew of vocal samples from old films and TV adverts, slow beats, brass horns , Rap artists amongst other sounds. An absolute potpourri of sounds.

I first heard Wax when randomly finding his album 'Dusty Rainbow From the Dark' and have been hooked ever since. I can highly recommend the Dusty Rainbow album. It tells a story about a boy and his record player.

He does not tour often but completely worth grabbing a ticket if he is playing locally to you. We (Me and Mrs Statuesque) went to see him in Paris where he was using a full orchestra, DJ Decks and a whole host of singers, it was incredible.

If I am not selling this to you, Wax has released a video for the new single which might give you a flavour of things to come.

If Music Isn't your thing

The infamous Jeremy Clarkson returns to Amazon Video with 'Clarkson's farm' Season 2

Love him or Loathe him, the first season was a joy to watch and I am sure Season 2 will be no different.

Maybe a spot of gaming is in order?

Hogwarts Legacy is out today suggesting 60-70 hours of Harry Potter gameplay inclusing questing, stories and free roaming adventures. It's set to be the biggest game of the year, I have bowed to the pressure and have pre-ordered it!

If you get no reply to your e-mails this weekend, we'll be too busy dancing, laughing or wizarding :)

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