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Thank You points changes

Thank you points

Some changes have been made to the Thank You points (Loyalty rewards)

Previously, you would earn points and then convert the points in to a voucher for a specific amount of £. This is now no longer required and you will be presented at the final stage of checkout with an option to apply points from your Thank You points balance.

100 points = £1 as it has always been.

The benefit is that you no longer need to amass points until you have enough to convert them in to a voucher. The lowest priced voucher was £5 (500 points). Now, if you have 100 points, you can use them to get a £1 discount.

The same limitations apply with the number of codes that can be used. If you use a Flex-It code to pay for an order monthly, you still cannot also apply points to get a discount, it's one or the other.

For those that have already created Vouchers for future use, you can still use them on the checkout page by tapping the 'Enter Promo Code' option.

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