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Welcome to the new store!

After over 8 years of using the previous platform (Prestashop) we have a new store.

There's never an easy path to moving an entire store but the existing store was showing signs of resistance and age. When we set it up, Social Media was something you posted pictures of your dinner on to, now it has progressed. The new store allows for very easy social media posting (you should fear our spam powah now !! )

Logging in via social media accounts is also a thing now. We've copied across thousands of your e-mail addresses so most of you should only need to use your normal e-mail address and the 'forgot password' option to get a new password. You may well need to add your address again but that can be done when you next make an order.

Your previous orders will remain on the previous store for viewing, they cannot be copied over to this new store as both stores used completely different systems unfortunately.

Reward points earned on the previous store will gradually be moved across to this stores reward system.

Partial Payments are continuing on this new store, we have renamed it 'Flex-It' though now. It's quicker to type :). The process of using Flex-It has changed but the end result is the same as the old Partial Payment system.

Gift Cards have now been added, I know some will be happy about this as we have a few naggings in the past about not offering them.

We dabbled in the past with 'On Demand' items but the original store did not have the option for us to see who had clicked the 'notify when available' button so that made it pretty impossible. This new store does tell us when someone shows an interest in an item that is out of stock / On Demand so we can now go all out in showing you what the distributors have availability on even if we are not necessarily planning to stock it.

The reason we do not simply leave items available to order as a pre-order is that availability can sometimes be quite low once an official pre-order phase closes and the distributors do not show how many they have available to order. Using a gate such as 'on demand' avoids you ordering an item to be told 10 minutes later that it's unavailable. As it's just a quick click of a button to show an interest, the on demand system is a happy medium.

The new store has online chat during office hours for those that feel the urge. We also see social media message alerts as oddly, we do not sit browsing facebook 24/7 :P so we do sometimes miss messages for a day before responding.

Adding items to the new store is very quick compared to the previous store. Because of this you can expect to see a substantial increase in the products that we offer (You have likely already spotted things we would not normally offer!)

The time scales. will remain the previous store for a couple more months. When we have seen and corrected any problems that arise on this new store we will make the previous store accessible with only and will direct to this store. We'll continue with this new and easier to type address also. ALL new items will be posted on this store only so be sure to browse this store for new releases rather than the previous store.

The previous store will become view only after the 2 months to allow everyone to continue monitoring orders they have placed on that store. If you can remember to do so, try to use this new store for new orders :D

We expect to see problems with this new store and if you spot something weird, please give us a nudge to let us know so we can attempt to fix it.

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