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New Star Ace Hydra from Ray Harryhausen's "Jason and the Argonauts"

Bring the magic of classic cinema to your collection with the new Hydra from Star Ace, inspired by Ray Harryhausen's legendary stop-motion animation in "Jason and the Argonauts." This exquisitely crafted figure stands 30 cm tall and is made of soft vinyl, offering both durability and lifelike detail. Each of the seven heads are on bendable necks for a variety of dynamic poses. Realistically painted, the Hydra captures the fearsome presence of the many-headed monster in vivid, striking colors.

For the ultimate collector, the deluxe version includes an in-scale figure of Jason, poised in battle against the Hydra. This dynamic duo brings to life one of the most memorable scenes from the iconic film, showcasing the hero's bravery against overwhelming odds.

Celebrate the artistry of Ray Harryhausen and the timeless appeal of "Jason and the Argonauts" with this magnificent Hydra figure. Whether displayed on its own or as part of the deluxe set, this piece is a must-have for fans of classic cinema, fantasy, and high-quality collectibles. Order now and add a touch of cinematic history to your collection with Star Ace's Hydra.

Height: approx.30cm
Material: Soft-vinyl, accessories : Polyresin
Product weight : approx. 2.5kg (Normal version)
Package size : W420 x D320 x H320mm

Jason and the Argonauts Soft Vinyl Statue Hydra 30 cm

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