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Lady Death is a supernatural, sword-wielding anti-hero who battles evil. Originally, she was a teenaged girl named Hope who was deceived by demons and traded her mortality for eternal life to become Lady Death. She is beautifully brought to life by the imaginative mind of Brian Pulido.

Inspired by the work of Elias Chatzoudis, this 1:6 scale collectible statue is a thing of beauty and engineering greatness. Over a year in development, the Lady Death - Reaper is not your ordinary collectible statue. You get not one or two figures, but FIVE figures in a single statue.

At the center is Lady Death in a very alluring pose while four gentlemen suitors arise from their eternal sleep to admire her beauty. Lady Death's suitors are like no other skeletal statue ever released. These figures are not only accurately and finely detailed but produced in a scale that has never been successfully attempted before. Quarantine Studio interviewed several vendors (most of whom said the statue could not be produced) until they found the one vendor willing to look past what couldn't be done and focused on changing the rules. The result is nothing less than amazing.

The five figures are intertwined to accurately recreate the illustration that inspired the statue. Tony Cipriano has faithfully interpreted the 2D artwork of Elias Chatzoudis into a 3D masterpiece. His attention to detail is astounding and will keep you admiring this statue for years to come. We have made every attempt to bring you an intricate and accurate creation without sacrificing one pixel of quality from Tony's hands.

Don't miss your chance to order yours today because once they are gone, they are gone FOREVER!

Lady Death Statue 1/6 Lady Death - Reaper 41 cm