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Climbing down the ancestral rock-strewn steps of a fortress located on planet Eternia, a colossal, armored feline shows his mighty paws, exposing his fierce claws. With his head protected by a big helmet, with only his jaw exposed showing his great fangs, he brings a saddle on his back in order to act like a mount to his battle companion. Carrying the most powerful man in the universe, the gigantic tiger with green fur brings the hero protector of Eternia and defender of the secrets of Castle Grayskull. Known by his immense strength, the powerful contracted muscles of the tanned warrior with golden hair make evident his readiness for action, raising his right arm ready to strike with the indestructible Power Sword. Longed by fans and collectors in one of their most successful lines, Iron Studios proudly present the statue "He-Man and Battle Cat Deluxe - Masters of the Universe - Art Scale 1/10", with the hero protagonist of the MOTU franchise mounted on his most faith