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Do you remember the cutest ride on Tatooine? It's a lizard and a Sandtrooper's best friend. Beast Kingdom's introduces the popular Dewback from Star Wars: A New Hope, its hide is incredibly detailed, with each scale coming to life, and skilled ornamentation adding layers. Made of vinyl, it has 10 movable joints: the head, 4 legs, 4 ankles, and its tail, and also comes with saddlebags, bringing out a certain cuteness. In addition to individual Dewbacks, Beast Kingdom simultaneously introduced a Dewback and Sandtrooper set, so that fans may buy both at once, and re-experience the Tatooine search scenes. Let's catch that rebel scum together!

Features (Dewback):

- Possesses 10 movable joints
- The Dewback's saddle bags and accessories are carefully painted
- Detailing on the Dewback's scales is painstakingly replicated
- The Dewback is made of vinyl, giving it a lifelike appearance

Features (Sandtrooper):

- Possesses 24 movable joints
- Comes with orange captain?s epaulette
- Comes with 3 interchangeable hands
- E-11 blaster rifle and T-21 light repeating blaster
- SD-48 survival pack
- Special stand

Star Wars Episode IV Egg Attack Action Figure 2-pk Dewback & Sandtrooper 9/15cm