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Advertise your Pre-Owned Items

How Does it Work?

1. Enter your item details in the form below.

2. Your item will be placed on to the store within 24 hours and will remain there for 3 months

3. Buyers will contact you directly to make enquiries and ask questions.

Your item will be displayed in the pre-owned section as well as within its associated manufacturer, license and item type pages.

If you have multiple items, please submit the details for each item separately in a new form.

* Statuesque Ltd are in no way involved in the sale of the item beyond the promotion.

Seller Advice / Tips

If your buyer wants to use bank transfer to pay for the transaction, it can take about 30 minutes to show up at your bank. Do not allow a seller to take an item before you see the funds show up in your account,

If your item is on the large / heavy side. Warn the buyer so that there's no nasty surprises if they are coming to collect.

Be aware that courier shipping insurance will only cover the loss of the item or massive damage due to courier carelessness. It will not cover you for item damage where there's no sign on the box of mishandling.

Be honest with your answers if asked questions. Be ready to provide extra item images if necessary.

Buyer Advice / Tips

If you have a banking application on the phone, a bank transfer is a safe and convenient way to make the purchase without the need to carry large amounts of cash to a strange location.

Collecting the item directly will allow you to view the piece before handing over funds. 

Ask questions before committing to the item. Using e-mail will give you documentation of what was discussed and agreed. It's less frustrating to  pose all questions in a single e-mail and follow up with a 2nd e-mail if required.

Promote your item.
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Thanks Your item will appear on the store soon.

If you wish to sell multiple items, please submit details separately for each item

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