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How to Flex-It

If your item has an estimated release of Q4 2024, locate the promo-code in the table (In this example it will be Q424 ) and use this code in the 'Enter Promo Code' section during the checkout process. 

Your monthly payment will be Item Cost - 10% / number of equal payments listed in Plan (There's no hidden charges) .  The Flex Invoice will show the break-down.

Estimated Arrival
Flex-It Promo-Code
Q1 2024
50% Today and then 50% next month.
Q1 2025
10% Today and then 9 monthly equal payments.
Q2 2024
50% Today and then 50% next month.
Q2 2025
10% Today and then 12 monthly equal payments.
Q3 2024
10% Today and then 3 monthly equal payments.
Q3 2025
10% Today and then 15 monthly equal payments.
Q4 2024
10% Today and then 6 monthly equal payments.
Q4 2025
10% Today and then 18 monthly equal payments.
Arriving Soon
50% Today and then 50% next month.
Shipping Now
50% Today and then 50% next month.

Enter this code matching the release date of your item in the 'Enter Promo Code' section

Flex-It Users. Within 3 days of checking out, you will receive your Flex-It Invoice to set up the monthly payment for your order as listed in the plan column. Please pay the invoice which will be your 1st monthly payment on a date that is good for you. Once the flex-it invoice is paid, the remaining payments will be collected each month automatically on the same day.

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We know that nobody really reads terms and conditions. The cancellation section and pre-order section explain that dates are beyond our control and can move back and forth and that if you choose to cancel your order you will lose your non-refundable deposit. Whilst this is not unusual we just wanted to highlight it for you.

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