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What is Flex-It?

Flex-it is a simple way to buy something from the store and pay for it across a number of months.

The amount of months you get to pay for it is based on the estimated arrival date. The further away an item is from arriving, the longer you will get to pay for it.

Flex-it is not a loan or finance so there's no credit checks involved and it will not affect your credit score. We simply ask that you make sure you can afford the monthly payments.


How to use Flex-It

There's no hidden charges for paying monthly and so the amount you pay each month will be the remaining balance of your order total after the deposit is paid divided equally across the number of months listed in the plan column for the code you used. The cart will not break it down for you, you'll have to use some mental arithmetic. Your flex-it invoice will break it all down for you though when it is sent.


Every item has an estimated arrival date displayed​. (fig.1)

Add the item to your cart and click the view cart button (fig.2)


At the top of the cart page you will see a chart showing the list of codes assigned to each estimated arrival date. The item in this example has an ETA of Q1 2023 so the code is Q123 (fig.3)


Enter the code in to the Enter a promo code box and click Apply (fig.4)


You will see your cart total change according to the description of the payments in the chart you took the code from. In our example, Q1 2023 means we pay 50% today and then 50% in 30 days time so our cart total has changed from £12 to £6 correctly. We've highlighted that the code is also displayed in the total showing the deduction for this payment (fig.5)


Smash the checkout button, you are done. The rest of the process is name,address and payment as normal.

Screenshot 2023-02-06 191836.png
Screenshot 2023-02-06 192257.png
Screenshot 2023-02-06 192041.png

Only ONE code can be used per order. If all of your items have the same ETA , so will all use the same code, they can all be bought in a single order. If your items have different ETA's then they will need to be purchased in separate orders.

Ok, So what now?

Flex-It Invoices

Your order is now placed 


Shortly after placing the order (Allow up to 3 days) You will receive a flex-it recurring invoice for your monthly payment towards your order balance.

Recurring Invoice

You will have 30 days to pay the recurring invoice. Take your time to choose a date that will be good every month (Pay Day for example).

Once you make the payment, the future payments will be taken automatically on the same day each month.

Monitoring Balances

Your invoice will show which number payment you are on (2 of 5) for example so you will always know where you are and how many payments remain.


 Please ensure that funds are available each month for the payment.

If a payment cannot be collected, the recurring payment for the order will be automatically cancelled.

Orders that fall behind on payments could be cancelled.

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