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What is Flex-It?

Flex-it is a simple way to buy something from the store and pay for it across a number of months.

The amount of months you get to pay for it is based on the estimated arrival date. The further away an item is from arriving, the longer you will get to pay for it.

Flex-it is not a loan or finance so there's no credit checks involved and it will not affect your credit score. We simply ask that you make sure you can afford the monthly payments.


How to use Flex-It

How to use Flex-It


On each item page, you will see the flex it options available. Choose the option you prefer and hit the 'Flex it Now' button to check out.

You will pay the first payment at the completion of the check-out process and then each month on the same day your monthly payment will be taken automatically until the balance it paid in full.

Stock Items will ship once the balance is paid in full. Pre-order items will ship once the balance is paid in full and the item has released and been distributed to us.

Common Questions

How do I monitor payments made and remaining?

You can view the subscription section on your account, Payments are numbered (example payments completed 2 of 12) showing you the number of payments made so far and the total payments of the flex-it order.

What happens if I am late with a payment ?

Payments are taken automatically on the same day each month. If for any reason a payment cannot be collected, you will automatically be given 7 days to make the payment. You can do this through your account directly and/or via an e-mail sent.

If the payment is not made within the 7 days, the flex-it subscription for your order will stop and no further payments will be collected. If the order is not brought up to date within 60 days, the item will then be made available to others for purchase automatically without notice. If the item sells before the order is brought up to date again, your order will be treated as unwanted and the cancellation terms will apply.

We would much prefer we were contacted to help out than have the order be cancelled because of real life difficulties.

What happens if my item arrives early and I still have payments to make?

If the item arrives earlier than expected, you can continue making the monthly payments and we'll ship when the balance is paid. If you would prefer to pay the balance so the item can ship rather than waiting to pay the rest of the monthly payments, just nudge us and we can sort out a final balance invoice for you.


We always contact buyers when items arrive at the distributors. You will know your item is getting close before it arrives with us. The choice is yours!

The release ETA date has moved, Can I extend the flex-it payments?

The number of payments are based on the item ETA at time of announcement.

Once you start a Flex-It order, we are unable to adjust the number of payments.

Dates can move forward and backward quite often so a delay to a release date may not remain and it could come forward again.​

Can I use my earned loyalty points on my Flex-It order?

At this time, the store will not allow for loyalty points to be used on a Flex-It order. If you choose to pay in full, then you can use your points during the checkout process.

I am looking to purchase an item but it has no flex it options although it does say it is available to order, can I still Flex-It?

This is an updated Flex-It system , it's completely possible that something has been missed. Nudge us and we can check it and add options where applicable.

** We are still needing to add some Prime 1 and PCS item Flex options. If the item is one of these 2 brands, the chances are the options will appear over the coming days automatically as we finish off.

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