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FLEX IT & Thank You points changes

Thank you points

We announced in a recent Blog Post that the thank you points system has been updated. The update meant that you can now allocate points to use to discount the order while checking out rather than having to create Coupons on the old system.

This is not changing but we do appreciate that some customers have previously already created Coupons. Whilst these vouchers are still valid and can be used, if you would prefer to swap your created Coupons back to points again, please message us the Coupon code (you can locate this in your account, in your rewards section). We cannot see your coupon codes manually but can locate codes once provided to us. We'll process the codes back to points as quickly as we can (give us a few days :P ). We'll give you a nudge once they are converted.


We've always offered a monthly payment option at no extra cost. This type of system is not as common as you might think for a store and so there's never an 'out of the box' solution without spending substantial £ to get a developer involved. We usually have to get creative with the options the store platform gives us.

The Flex-It system we use currently requires a code to be entered manually during checkout from the chart on your cart page and then we manually create a recurring invoice behind the scenes to set up your monthly automated payments. The system is working fine and as expected, 99.99% of orders are paid using Flex-It :P.

We do want to improve the system and make it easier. With this in mind we are 'dabbling' with the possibility of using the store subscription options. I say 'dabbling' as it might lead to substantial extra work in setting it up and maintaining it behind the scenes making it not viable.

The plan then is to gradually test the system on some items and see how folk feel about it and see what complications it might cause us behind the scenes.

An example would be the new Scarface statue by Blitzway where you will see multiple payment options. Some customers prefer to pay across a shorter time which isn't really an option with the current system, this new system would allow for that possibility.

We just wanted to make you aware of this new system 'test' in case you happened to view an item using it and wonder what on earth is happening :D

Items that are not testing this possible new system can still be flex'd as normal via the entering of the flex-it code during checkout process. We'll probably focus initially on In Stock items more than new pre-order items while we get used to it.

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